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Stainless steel security box (for Pedestal model)

The security box which can be padlocked to prevent access to the binocular when not in use, provides both weather protection and vandal-proofing for binoculars mounted in a public place.

Price £370

Canvas cover (for Pedestal model)

This cover provides weatherproofing for pedestal models which are left outside. Made from heavy duty canvas and incorporating a full-length zip, the cover may be quickly removed and replaced as desired.

Price £146

Canvas cover (for Tripod model)

The zip-up canvas cover is thicker and more protective than the standard cloth cover supplied. Those customers who have opted to mount their binocular on a balcony or railing may prefer to use the canvas cover for extra protection if the instrument is left outside. (Please note that Leviathan binoculars are not waterproof as standard).

Price £86

User-specific requirements.
If you have any specific requirements for your Leviathan binocular, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs.

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