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Stabiscope.jpg (14951 bytes)Fujinon S1240 Day/Night Stabiscope

The S1240 D/N Stabiscope with stabilised 12x magnification is perfect for day and night-time use. Stabiscopes are used for professional observation in all situations where movements or vibrations would disturb the image. The police force, border surveillance, coastguards and rescue services are among their many users, along with the NASA space shuttle missions. Fujinon Stabiscopes are ideal for flexible assignments on land, in the air or on water.

Gyroscope motors (with image compensation at least +/- 5º in all directions) stabilize the binocular image even under the most extreme conditions, virtually eliminating the jittery images caused by normal hand tremor as well as the far more profound effects of cyclical and irregular motion found when using binoculars on moving land vehicles, boats, ships, and on rotary as well as fixed-wing aircraft.

In daytime conditions it can be used just like an ordinary Stabiscope; in darkness the standard oculars of the S1240 D/N can be exchanged in just a few seconds for specialised ones with intensifier tubes, providing night-vision binoculars with image stabilisation.

The top quality, multiple coated Stabiscope optics achieve an absolutely sharp, high resolution image with the maximum possible light transmission. With the addition of a rugged and completely waterproof design, these binoculars are quite simply outstanding.

Day Setting Night Setting
Magnification 12x 12x
Objective lens diameter (mm) 40 40
Eye relief (mm) 17 11.5
Angle of view (º) 4.7 4.2
Field of view over 1,000m (m) 82 73
Exit pupil (mm) 3.3 -
Relative brightness 11.1 -
Interpupillary distance (mm) 220 240
Length (mm) 191 191
Max. width (mm) 200 200
Weight (kg) 1.8 2
Compensation angle (º) 5 5
Waterproof Showerproof Showerproof
Batteries 4 x AA or 1 x 2CR5 4 x AA or 1 x 2CR5
Carrying strap S S
Plastic case S S
12 – 32 V DC regulator S S
Nebular (orange) filter A A
Polarising filter    
 S = Standard A = Accessories £ P.OA.
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