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Now available with Auto-Gated tubes.

The British Navy confirm that these are the best night vision binoculars they have ever used!

These 8x50 night vision binoculars have as standard:

  • Interchangeable Night Vision Eye Pieces
  • 100% Waterproofing
  • Individual Eye Piece focusing
  • Highest Brightness, Fully Coated Lenses
  • Flat Field, Distortion Free High Resolution Optics
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Alloy Body Construction

The professional view.

The Fujinon 8x50 FMTR D/N (Day & Night) combines top-quality binoculars with a binocular night-vision instrument. It features two sets of interchangeable oculars, specially developed for day and night-time use. You are no longer forced to carry two different sets of binoculars everywhere you go. One pair suffices-a welcome weight reduction that gives you unparalleled flexibility for a wide range of applications.

The oculars are fastened by a bayonet mount and can be exchanged in seconds whenever necessary. Thanks to its flexibility in day and night-time use and to its rugged design, the Fujinon 8x50 FMTR D/N is ideal for applications in the security sector, for rescue and special missions, for marine and professional shipping customers and for military observations. Day and night border surveillance with 8x magnification is also possible at any time.

High-resolution 8x50 binoculars and binocular night-vision instrument in one
  • Interchangeable oculars for day and night-time use, quick and easy to exchange
  • Exceptionally bright and clear image, absolutely sharp edges
  • 8x magnification for distance observations at any time of the day or night
  • 50 mm objective lenses for unusually good brightness
  • Optics developed specially for use with image intensifiers
  • Excellently crafted, rugged design, 100% watertight

Reliable technology for challenging applications.

The Fujinon 8x50 FMTR D/N complies in every respect with the tough specifications of the US military relating to impact resistance and waterproofness. The flat field technology facilitates unbeatable sharpness right up to the edges. The large eye relief of 25 or 31 mm permits the binoculars to be used with spectacles as well as with a mask or face shield.

Excellent vision.

50 mm objective lenses permit a high incidence of light with up to 90% light transmission in the visible spectrum. The results for distance observations are breathtaking. The use of night oculars with integrated, electronic image intensifiers transforms these binoculars into a full-blown, binocular night-vision instrument. Their high-quality optics were developed specifically to interact with the latest image intensifier technology: they produce a clear and bright image, rich in detail, with a resolution of up to 80 line pairs per mm. Even the minutest details are revealed with 8x magnification. In addition, the binocular optics improve your three-dimensional perception.

Image intensifiers for night-time use.

The Fujinon 8x50 FMTR D/N is compatible with a variety of image intensifier types. A high-end image intensifier should be preferred for professional applications, in order to exploit the huge potential of the optics to the full. Please consult our separate fact sheet for further information about available image intensifier models.

Technical data

Fujinon 8x50 FMTR D/N

Suitable for second and third-generation image intensifier tubes, XD4, XR5, Hyper Gen, Extended Hyper Gen, etc.
Please request further information from Monk Optics.

Specifications Day Night Night Time Image Intensifier Performance
Magnification 8x Amplifier Tube/ Image Multiplier Hyper Gen II
Objective Diameter 50mm
Over 30,000
Exit Pupil 6.25mm
Over 55 lp/mm
Field of View 6.4º 4.5º
Over 15,000 Hours
Eye Relief 31.1mm 24.5mm
Power Source
2x Battery CR123A (Use for Right/Left
Resolution 6" 20"
Interpupillary distance 60mm -74mm
Orange Light
2.5v 3 Hours battery Left
Weight: without batteries 1900g
Red Light
2.1v Battery Change
Weight with batteries (kg) 2.2      
Waterproof Yes      
Please remember that exports of the Fujinon 8x50 FMTR D/N with image intensifiers may be subject to special restrictions: the obligation to procure an export license is the responsibility of the exporter.
Prices from £10,000.00 + VAT