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Fujinon TechnoStabi review

Fujinon TechnoStabi
The distance at which we can spot objects is limited to the magnification of the binoculars we use. Fujinon's new 14 X 40 Techno Stabi binoculars have double the magnification of traditional 7 X 50 binoculars. This would normally be too great for use at sea because the movement of a yacht is transferred to the binoculars and results in a blurred image.

The problem of lens shake doesn't apply to the Techno Stabis, which have horizontal and vertical gyro and vibration sensors which sense any movement of the binoculars. This signal is then passed to the microprocessor allowing two direct-drive motors to adjust the prisms in a fraction of a second. This gives shake free vision at 14 times magnification.

Fujinon TechnoStabi As with most binoculars, as the magnification increases the field of view decreases and the TECHNO Stabi is no exception with a field of view of only 87.5m. This means at just over half a mile, a distance of 1000m, you see 87.5 metres of the horizon, whereas with a normal set of marine 7 X 50's, you'll see around 120 metres; so you'll see things twice as quickly with double the magnification, but you may need to scan the horizon more.

The Techno-Stabis have a camcorder style slip-in hand grip and are very easy to zoom using one finger. The power can be switched on and the stabilisers activated with your left hand. Fujinon's lenses are very clear and the magnification is excellent. When the stabilisers were activated there was a slight fuzziness as they kicked in but then the image was clear and precise.

Fujinon TechnoStabi All this wizardry weighs in at 1,300 grams - 2 1/2 lbs - which is about a pound more than a conventional pair of waterproof binoculars.

The Techno-Stabis can be used if the four AA batteries are flat, although the stabilisers will not work. They're fully waterproof so can be left out in the rain and there is an optional buoyant strap to keep them afloat.

They are the bee's knees for magnification and one of the most affordable stabilised binoculars on the market. Still, at £900, the same cost as a cheap radar, the Techno-Stabi is very pricey, and it can't see in the fog.
But if you want powerful binoculars and price is no object, this is the pair to buy.

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