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Fujinon PRO-45-SX 7x50

Fujinon's High Performance Marine Binoculars with Flat Field Technology are simply ideal for professional sailors and yachtsmen. Fuji 7x50 PRO-45-SX marine binocular But whether they are equipped with Flat field Technology or not, all Fujinon Marine Tested high performance binoculars meet the essential criteria for "wet-environment suitability".

Manufactured in accordance with U.S. military specifications, the binoculars must not allow any water penetration. Their precisely adjusted, nitrogen-filled casings are always made of high-grade, light aluminium alloys - never of plastic. On top of this, they are all covered with rubber, thereby making them particularly non-slip and providing additional shock protection. All 7x50 High Performance Marine Binoculars do have one thing in common, they all have patented Fujinon EBC coatings.

Includes integral Compass and Range Finder.

Fujinon 7x50 FMTRC-SX marine binoculars £569.00 The compass used in this model is Silva’s 45mm compass, made in Scotland, renowned for its PRO.jpg (5023 bytes)precision and reliability. It is extremely well damped and accurate to +/- 1º. Also incorporated is a beta light to provide illumination in the compass for night sailing. This removes the requirement of batteries and guarantees no influence of magnetic parts near the compass


Model PRO-45-SX
Magnification 7x
Lens Diameter 50mm
Eye-relief 23mm
Angle of View 7º30'
Field of vision@1000m 131m
Exit Pupil 7.1mm
Relative Brightness 50.4
Inter-pupilary distance 56~74mm
Length 200mm
Max. Width 218mm
Weight 1.62kg
Rubber-covered Yes
Neck Strap Included
Case/suitcase Included
Compass illumination Included
Floating neck strap Accessory
Tripod adapter Accessory
Tripod Accessory